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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Color Pink

 The feeling of being in love with everything around me, 
the calmness of being free, 
the complete sense of self in my well being, 
where my mind is at its blissful state, 
and a safe heart trust the path of the universe.

The island teaches me what it was like to live.

I wander a lot when I was in Bali. Only with my flip fops, went on walking for many hours, alone, talked to a complete stranger, sit on a beach watched the sunset, and went on walking aimlessly again. No one there to judge you, no one there for you to give your finger to, its just you. And it feels so good. And of course, not to mention many eye candies for my craving for sweetness *wink (examples this guy in the picture, HA!)

The cultural experience I've gone through was a fun and exciting experience as well. There are many ceremonies held maybe every 2 weeks in Bali. I just love the idea of the two worlds meet, the world of culture and heritage, walk hand in hand with the so called western invasion. Really, have both worlds here. 

This is me with my Balinese mother, Ibu Jero, and my cousin Kak Nisa. We were at this Temple who has a sacred water, at a certain time, the 'holy' time, lots of people came to cleanse themselves from sin, or bad luck. So yes, I went to a small pool with hundreds of doubtfully hygiene people. 
The things I do for life!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

There is No Super Woman

There is only a Woman.

The standards that so called 'society' has been given for women these days are almost impossible. 
Woman nowadays needs to be able to:

Work --since happiness is controlled by money nowadays apparently.

Taking care of the kids

Dong Household i.e: Nyuci - Ngepel - Masak - Beres beres - etc

Always Look Good

Good In Bed --  Why? because the term 'Unfaithful Husband' is so common now, even the wives are to blame, said they cannot please the husband so its no wonder the men goes and find other woman who can give him his needs. WTF banget.

Patient + Good Listener -- this is actually a quality every human being should have, but somehow woman are entitled more. Which takes us to the last one (below)

A Better Human Being than Men --( this may seem too feminist or whatever you may call it, but this is only my sok tau point of view.) Woman needs to be a better human being, for example; fighting, angry, cheating, drunk, getting high, emotional, and so on are okay if it was a guy, they will be like ' namanya juga laki' and if its a girl, they'll be like 'wanita jalang!' Get the point?

The thing is, this impossible standard for woman makes the standard of men lower than the old days. How so? Here goes; 
If the impossible standard of a woman as I mentioned above, are less or she's not good at or one or two points or not excel at, the guy complains and makes it the reason for cheating-- because of the woman who cannot give him what the society expect her to. That makes the female society say things like, 'its okay if he's lazy, unsuccessful, broke, ugly, emotional, beat me up.. as long as he's faithful' Well, HELLO! Faithful is a must. Its not even a criteria. No girl, no. Do you understand the point of the standard of men is lower than before? Because of that! Back then, faithful is the way it is not a good criteria of men.

Back to the Super Woman-- who is just a normal woman now, with all those demanding roles that they have to accomplish they sometimes explode, or needed a time to get away from all those demanding perfection for a little while, and guess what happen? The effing society said that they are irresponsible, just want to have fun not thinking about the husband and kids, etc. Poor thing, all these women wanted was a single moment of peace. So let them buy shoes, let them go out and have a drink once in a while, let them unwind. Its okay. After all, they are just like you and me, in fact, a human being.

Thursday, August 07, 2014


Im not quite sure with the saying; when you get older, you'll get wiser. I honestly feel that Im more wiser before, when I was younger. Maybe because I have more time for myself. I have more time to think and have a conversation with my heart, maybe I was more carefree since there was nothing really to care about, or the fact that when I was young, I didnt know much about the world-- and perhaps thats a good thing. Im not sure. So, whatever the reason is, i think I ought to reshape this stage of my life. I have to look back on the times where my mind and my heart is in sync ( tearin up my heart when im with you.. But when we were apart I feel it too..!). The heart always right, the heart never wrong. Our actions can be wrong, but heart speaks only purity within. 

What I need now is to live with the fact that I know much now, than before, and how to make my mind and heart sync as an old couple again. And face this world called reality with a light heart.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Oh well oh well. Been MIA for too long! Life's been great, many ups and downs and whatnot.. Normal stuff. Oh and now im living in Jakarta again, back to my city.. Not too fond of that but I have a job that requires me to stay in Jakarta so here I am. So, I want to write about the trip I went the other day to Bandung, me and my cousins were fabric shopping, and we went to a nice place called Lawangwangi-if im not mistaken. There's a restaurant and an art gallery as well, Bandung is famous for their art spaces but this one has one room that showed an award winning artist from Indonesia. This time, this artist, sorry to say but I forgot his name, made pantings of Java-bali ancient love stories with Sanskrit writings. That itself is pretty awesome, but to top it off, if we turn all the lights off in the room and only lit by ultra violet, the panting changed into stories from all over the world (which is similar to the java-Bali stories). And it was really cool. I was litterally jumping up and down when I saw that. 
Oh and this artis who unfortunately I forgot the name was, the second winner of International Award of Art someting.. Again, dont remember what was it called. I know, forgetting everything, story of my life. Anyway, here's the awesomeness!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Warm Blanket

Havent blog for too long! So many things I want to blog about, but I just dont have the time.. No, big lie, im just lazy of course. 
Like now, there's a pile of fabrics on the floor of my bedroom, screaming their wishes to become a pretty dress or a cool top. But when I turn my gaze to my left, there was my laptop teasing me with sayings like, 'cmon.. Been working all day, tired huh? Well come here, I have plenty of movies to easen up your night'.
Such a sneaky little thing my laptop.
So then I turn my head to my right, to find some sanctuary, but there I found my knitting/sewing/drawing kit. They all acted like a school girl whose noisy, chatting all the time but secretly hated each other-- because you know, they wanted me to finish their projects first. 
So I press my hands to my ears, trying to avoid those silly girls, running to the quiet and safe place. There was a deep voice, the words that came was soothing and clear. It was Mr. Book. He said, come sit here in and be swept away into the world of adventure. Tempting isnt it? That guy was a real smooth talker.. 
This drama thats happening in my tiny little room now, making my eyes all sleepy. And my head was like, to avoid being able to choose what to do, dream seems like the best place for now.
So here I am, inside my warm blanket, ready to enter the magical world of dream. The place of adventures with pretty dresses, meet all my girlfriends chatting all dream long, and meet a knight on a white horse just like those movies.
Wait, so basically im just gonna be dreaming about fabrics, movies, projects and books.

There you go, my little exciting life. Because I tell it this way, otherwise would be so boring, with only 5 sentences and you'll be fell asleep with the first 2 sentences.


Thursday, August 01, 2013


Home is whenever I hear Beatles' songs.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

If Only

'We can never wound the soul, just as we can never wound God, but we can be imprisoned by our memories, and that makes our live wretched even if we have everything we need in order to be happy. If only we could be entirely here, as if we've just woken up on planet Earth and found ourselves inside a golden temple. But we can't. '

Aleph, written by Paulo Coelho

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life in an Island in the Sun

One morning, I was walking to my office, and it was really hot. And I cant help but wonder, where is the best place to live in? If the climate is too hot makes you want to kill people, if its too cold makes you want to kill yourselves. Result to death either way. Kill or be killed- tough choice.  

Ever sitting in an office, trying to do your work, or at a cafe alone trying to read but your mind just wanders off? I do that so often, sometimes you talk in your head, questioning about every little thing, and the head answers in a funny way, you cant help but smile. But then your other thought answers even funnier you have to force yourselves not to burst out laughing like a crazy person. Imagine your face will look like. Epic.  

That moment when you were looking up in the beautiful sky, and your itunes played the perfect song, and the wind blows gently to your face.. You started humming, smiling, head wiggle slightly with the music. And you relised everyone is staring, and you were on the side walk on a traffic jam. But you just dont care.

Because you were happy. And nothing else matters.  

Just, Lovely. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Oy with the Puddle Already!

'I mean, its all any of us wants, to find a nice person to hang out with till we drop dead.
 Not a lot to ask!'

As the show ended few years ago, Gilmore Girls still is my favourite sitcom, like, ever. The everyday life of a small town, funny cynical sarcastic comments, and a super fast talking were the heart of this heart warming series. I need to share some of their funny moments, its even funnier with the whole scene and if you actually watched the show. But just to give this lovely night a smile and sweet dreams, this is some of Gilmore's funny moments with deep and meaningful thoughts added between the lines (amongst many others!) And I still love Rory the most :D

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Men THINKS They Are

Every woman in the world probably has watched (or should watch) the Dove Real Beauty Campaign Ad. It made me cry when I first watched it. We are actually more beautiful than we think, that is the campaign is all about. As a woman, we tend to be more aware of ourselves, and think less than what we really are. Which this ad proves that other people think and sees us more than we sees ourselves. And that is something we should keep on reminding ourselves, everyday.

BUT! with man, on the other hand, is totally the opposite! or so this video thought!. Men are less beautiful than they think they are (and somehow I find it somewhat true!). Cracks me up real bad this video :D


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