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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

There is No Super Woman

There is only a Woman.

The standards that so called 'society' has been given for women these days are almost impossible. 
Woman nowadays needs to be able to:

Work --since happiness is controlled by money nowadays apparently.

Taking care of the kids

Dong Household i.e: Nyuci - Ngepel - Masak - Beres beres - etc

Always Look Good

Good In Bed --  Why? because the term 'Unfaithful Husband' is so common now, even the wives are to blame, said they cannot please the husband so its no wonder the men goes and find other woman who can give him his needs. WTF banget.

Patient + Good Listener -- this is actually a quality every human being should have, but somehow woman are entitled more. Which takes us to the last one (below)

A Better Human Being than Men --( this may seem too feminist or whatever you may call it, but this is only my sok tau point of view.) Woman needs to be a better human being, for example; fighting, angry, cheating, drunk, getting high, emotional, and so on are okay if it was a guy, they will be like ' namanya juga laki' and if its a girl, they'll be like 'wanita jalang!' Get the point?

The thing is, this impossible standard for woman makes the standard of men lower than the old days. How so? Here goes; 
If the impossible standard of a woman as I mentioned above, are less or she's not good at or one or two points or not excel at, the guy complains and makes it the reason for cheating-- because of the woman who cannot give him what the society expect her to. That makes the female society say things like, 'its okay if he's lazy, unsuccessful, broke, ugly, emotional, beat me up.. as long as he's faithful' Well, HELLO! Faithful is a must. Its not even a criteria. No girl, no. Do you understand the point of the standard of men is lower than before? Because of that! Back then, faithful is the way it is not a good criteria of men.

Back to the Super Woman-- who is just a normal woman now, with all those demanding roles that they have to accomplish they sometimes explode, or needed a time to get away from all those demanding perfection for a little while, and guess what happen? The effing society said that they are irresponsible, just want to have fun not thinking about the husband and kids, etc. Poor thing, all these women wanted was a single moment of peace. So let them buy shoes, let them go out and have a drink once in a while, let them unwind. Its okay. After all, they are just like you and me, in fact, a human being.


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