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Thursday, August 07, 2014


Im not quite sure with the saying; when you get older, you'll get wiser. I honestly feel that Im more wiser before, when I was younger. Maybe because I have more time for myself. I have more time to think and have a conversation with my heart, maybe I was more carefree since there was nothing really to care about, or the fact that when I was young, I didnt know much about the world-- and perhaps thats a good thing. Im not sure. So, whatever the reason is, i think I ought to reshape this stage of my life. I have to look back on the times where my mind and my heart is in sync ( tearin up my heart when im with you.. But when we were apart I feel it too..!). The heart always right, the heart never wrong. Our actions can be wrong, but heart speaks only purity within. 

What I need now is to live with the fact that I know much now, than before, and how to make my mind and heart sync as an old couple again. And face this world called reality with a light heart.


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