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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Color Pink

 The feeling of being in love with everything around me, 
the calmness of being free, 
the complete sense of self in my well being, 
where my mind is at its blissful state, 
and a safe heart trust the path of the universe.

The island teaches me what it was like to live.

I wander a lot when I was in Bali. Only with my flip fops, went on walking for many hours, alone, talked to a complete stranger, sit on a beach watched the sunset, and went on walking aimlessly again. No one there to judge you, no one there for you to give your finger to, its just you. And it feels so good. And of course, not to mention many eye candies for my craving for sweetness *wink (examples this guy in the picture, HA!)

The cultural experience I've gone through was a fun and exciting experience as well. There are many ceremonies held maybe every 2 weeks in Bali. I just love the idea of the two worlds meet, the world of culture and heritage, walk hand in hand with the so called western invasion. Really, have both worlds here. 

This is me with my Balinese mother, Ibu Jero, and my cousin Kak Nisa. We were at this Temple who has a sacred water, at a certain time, the 'holy' time, lots of people came to cleanse themselves from sin, or bad luck. So yes, I went to a small pool with hundreds of doubtfully hygiene people. 
The things I do for life!


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