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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Warm Blanket

Havent blog for too long! So many things I want to blog about, but I just dont have the time.. No, big lie, im just lazy of course. 
Like now, there's a pile of fabrics on the floor of my bedroom, screaming their wishes to become a pretty dress or a cool top. But when I turn my gaze to my left, there was my laptop teasing me with sayings like, 'cmon.. Been working all day, tired huh? Well come here, I have plenty of movies to easen up your night'.
Such a sneaky little thing my laptop.
So then I turn my head to my right, to find some sanctuary, but there I found my knitting/sewing/drawing kit. They all acted like a school girl whose noisy, chatting all the time but secretly hated each other-- because you know, they wanted me to finish their projects first. 
So I press my hands to my ears, trying to avoid those silly girls, running to the quiet and safe place. There was a deep voice, the words that came was soothing and clear. It was Mr. Book. He said, come sit here in and be swept away into the world of adventure. Tempting isnt it? That guy was a real smooth talker.. 
This drama thats happening in my tiny little room now, making my eyes all sleepy. And my head was like, to avoid being able to choose what to do, dream seems like the best place for now.
So here I am, inside my warm blanket, ready to enter the magical world of dream. The place of adventures with pretty dresses, meet all my girlfriends chatting all dream long, and meet a knight on a white horse just like those movies.
Wait, so basically im just gonna be dreaming about fabrics, movies, projects and books.

There you go, my little exciting life. Because I tell it this way, otherwise would be so boring, with only 5 sentences and you'll be fell asleep with the first 2 sentences.



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