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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life in an Island in the Sun

One morning, I was walking to my office, and it was really hot. And I cant help but wonder, where is the best place to live in? If the climate is too hot makes you want to kill people, if its too cold makes you want to kill yourselves. Result to death either way. Kill or be killed- tough choice.  

Ever sitting in an office, trying to do your work, or at a cafe alone trying to read but your mind just wanders off? I do that so often, sometimes you talk in your head, questioning about every little thing, and the head answers in a funny way, you cant help but smile. But then your other thought answers even funnier you have to force yourselves not to burst out laughing like a crazy person. Imagine your face will look like. Epic.  

That moment when you were looking up in the beautiful sky, and your itunes played the perfect song, and the wind blows gently to your face.. You started humming, smiling, head wiggle slightly with the music. And you relised everyone is staring, and you were on the side walk on a traffic jam. But you just dont care.

Because you were happy. And nothing else matters.  

Just, Lovely. 


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