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Friday, October 02, 2009

Simply Very British

Put down your Starbucks, and make yourself an English Breakfast Tea instead. Because this new Burberry ad campaign is very British, I adore them very well indeed. I've always love Burberry (I'm planning (or hoping, finger crossed) to have at least 1 Burberry in my lifetime!), and their campaigns are always sophisticated and yet sexy without showing too much skin. Emma Watson is perfect for Burberry, love her!

How bout that tea now, dear? Splendid.


met said...

bisa bikin jacket buat cowo ga? bagus2 nih...

AnaLand said...

Ya iya lah bagus met...burberry gitu..! Keren ya, tapi dipake disini? Panas ga sih.. hehe

met said...

yoi... gitu jaketnya dibuka, baju sama celana udah gelap. keringetan, heheeh

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