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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Night to Remember

I owned a boutique. Did I ever mention that? Anyway, last Monday, my boutique had been a sponsor for Chrisye's family wardrobe for a concert called, Classic Chrisye-- A Night to Remember. Okay, maybe a little nepotism involved here.. But hey, all they did was count me in, and the rest I did on my own--from concept to finishing and my team of course, the inseparable Mas Kirno and Mba Erna.
Overall it was quite a success and my creations were not that bad either. I think.. ;)

Tired and kumel face in the middle, yep that's me.

more info for Ganna Botique, here or; Make Yours, With Us!

*Oh! and mind the quality photos would you..?yes, it's still my first DigiCam from the stone age thank you.


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