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Monday, December 27, 2010

I Could Die

I have a (huge) thing for scruffy and long haired sweet sexy guy. This Prince Caspian is the ultimate dream guy of mine. So, if anyone happens to run into him, or someone 99.9% looks like him please give me a call.
When I watched Narnia 3 the other day, I did not expect to see Prince Caspian as sexy and as PERFECT! Sure, in the Narnia 2 he's already gorgeous, no doubt about it.. But this scruffiness and the hair and the clothes and the eyes and the..o- everything, has stepped up a few notch! He really did take my breath away I almost died.


More Ben Barnes to come, later of course ;)


met said...

sayang pelemnya bener2 membosankan. rekor 3 kali molor gue pas ntn ini. parah. sekali2nya tidur di bioskop nih :)

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