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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Good Friday!

I got a letter this morning from my family from Down Under, the peanutbutterjellycrew! I quickly called my Dad, and Aya together we slowly and carefully tore it open. They never mailed any letter before, and we were ecstatic..!And voila! They sent me some of Kendra's and Ceska's drawings! So cute I almost ate them..!

The letter that sent me through the roof

Kendra's, Nana (me) and Yaya (Aya).
We don't have those curly hairs, but then again, her family does.

Kendra's drawings and Ceska's handprints

Click and read the left side for Kendra's story

Last, Their dad wants to show off too!;

Kak Akbar in his iPhone
No, it wasn't Kendra's. It's Kak Akbar's very own original.
(whats with the head shake? yeah I know, I'm hoping for the same thing..) hehe


met said...

wahahaha... keren bgt. seneng bgt pasti pas dapet na. coretan2 yang wajib disimpan

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