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Monday, April 22, 2013

Awesomely Weird

This Dr. Seuss' is awesome. Ever since I was a little girl, my friends always said that Im weird, corky, geeky kind of girl. Which is true, and I dont care, well quite proud the matter of fact. Then I always say to them 'no, im not weird, im unique' Ha! Nice, right..? And they'll be like, yeah whatever you say weirdo.. Oh how I miss my friends.
I was that girl in the class who sits not on the back, but on the middle near the window so I can looked outside, and saw the tree, the clouds, and the sound of cars in the distance. And had my books, pretending to take notes from the teacher, was actually drawing. Trying not to get noticed, so that I can play safely in my own bubble.
Okay, I admit it I am weird.
Having that weirdness is sometimes not making my life easier. Not everyone likes what I like, not everyone get what I say, and many of my friends were trying to make me looked like everyone else. Cool, trendy, hip and you know, like most girls. I tried, I didnt feel comfortable at all, and so I was back at being me.
Finding a person that get my corkyness is never easy. Weather Im too strange and weird for them, or they are too boring for me.
I dont know why I decided going through memory lane with this post. But I like it, just having remembering these moments, i feel warm inside :)
So, can we be awesomely weird together?
Well done Dr. Seuss. Lovely.


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