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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


' Love does not need to be understood. It only needs to be shown' 
Paulo Coelho 

That is very true. What is love if the other person cannot feel it? For example, a father that loves his children very much, but never show it to them, only talks about the common things, not deeper or real things in life that the children may be having. He wouldn't know about it. And the children would think their father doesn't care, which can cause tension and can damage the kid. Affection is, weather you like it or not, is so important. It is the way of showing love. We all made of flesh and bones, but what we really are is our heart and soul. Love is the food for the soul, as they say, which I agree. And if the soul is at peace, we become a better person, a positive person, which leads a positive attitude and a tranquil life. 

Love what you do, do what you love. And show your love. 

It may be difficult to show love for some people, but love is to make an extra effort. You may not like something, but for the sake of  love, you gotta do it. 

So, be in love (with everyone and everything around us).


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