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Monday, February 20, 2012

Were Back When

When life gets to me,
sometimes I wish I was still a little kid
doing things I love,
with all my heart and soul.

Me and my cousins used to go out and see the night sky full of stars and the moon in my terrace, with a floormat, a pillow and of course, an autan, we talked and saw the stars were actually moving. It was really peaceful. Now, if you can see one star means you're very lucky.

In the morning, we woke up really early and watched the sun rises.

Swimming, only for the sake of 'playing in the water'. We had this game, find the coin, one person throws a coin and the others had to find it. We played until our fingers wrinkled.

Read a book that took me miles away into the world of imagination. Now those magical feeling were no longer as magical. Somehow.

Talked hours on the phone about nothing, just laughed out loud. I don't do that anymore, since bbm strikes our culture. Damn globalization.

Those excitement when having a birthday and opening presents! Although it was only a card, or a Barbie, those feeling of surprise was priceless.

Sat for hours in the terrace of my old house, with a hot tea and a blanket, on a rainy day. And sometimes with a book.

Oh how I wish I can feel those pure, simply innocent feeling again.


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