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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happiness is Where the Heart is

What does happiness mean to you? Someone had asked me that question yesterday, and it could mean differently for anyone. As for me, I said to my friend, happiness is being effortlessly happy. You just happy without any force of making someone else happy, or making yourself happy. Feeling good from within I suppose. But Im just a human, sometimes its not easy to find that feeling when the work drives me to my limit, or someone is testing my emotions, or simply the unforgiving weather of Jakarta (eh tangerang deng hehe).

When I had my birthday many moons ago, my mom gave me a birthday card, but more of a feel-good card. I love the writings so much, and really did represent what my mom used to say to me-- more or less. Here goes;

Happiness is never out of reach
For the sweet miracle in life
Believe in the wisdom of your heart
And always remember how much I believe in you

It touches me every time I read it. Even now.
My mom always said to me that I should listen to my heart. My heart knows whats best for me. Now I understand, heart is where God talked to us. And of course listen to it will always be right. It may seems difficult or fearful at the moment, but if the heart says so, you just have to follow through. I have to admit it is not easy sometimes. I often got confused with the voice of my heart and the voice of my mind. What heart wants sometimes are risky, and the mind goes panic and says things like, what if you fail? what if this what if that and all the negativity the world has to offer. And for that, the heart went silent. You ignore your heart. Oh, and don't forget about lust.. Yes, lust is a very good friend of heart. They're like twins sometimes, you cant tell the difference from one another. 'My heart wants that shoes!'--lust dears, not really came from the heart.
I could go on about this forever.. But I guess thats it for now.
You may feel differently about this whole thing, thats fine..It is only a silly theory about heart and happiness. I just want to get this out into the void. :)

Have a pleasant night dears..


met said...

jadi, kapan paragraf itu mau dijadikan artwork buat kamar?

ah lupakan, orangnya juga ga tinggal di Jakarta *tukang mural galau*

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