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Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Hate To Admit..

That this movie is bad. I really truly hate to admit it.. But there goes.
I love Mandy Moore, and I have high expectations with this film of course. And, I think to myself okay.. this is about a young newlyweds who experiencing a new bumps in married life. So when I watched it, I was little lost. Sure, its about the few bumps I was talking about earlier.. But, its more about the bride's parents marriage, and Mandy Moore's character ( forgot the name) tries to bring them back together. Aaand because of that, the newlyweds' marriage also falling apart.
The basic story was I think, actually good. But the plots are messy, the characters are too 'play a part' thing, the script is trying to be funny (but failed), and the storyline is just confusing.
Its just not real. Im sorry..
But the good part is, I got to see Kellan Lutz half naked. Maybe I'll watch it again for the sake of it. ;D


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