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Monday, March 07, 2011

My Unfortunate Silly Events

Once upon a time, few months back, I purchased a set of kitchen stove with an oven and the hood. But I told them to deliver it later. Delivery day has come, with a fresh smiley face the delivery guy told me that my Rice Cooker is here. I'm like, what?! I ordered a full set of kitchen stove not a rice cooker?! ! His smile suddenly disappeared, but I'm just the delivery guy Ma'am.. he said. So I told him to let his boss from the office call me tomorrow so that I can complain at the right guy. This poor delivery guy was a little upset, I can tell. But hell, I'm more upset! So there was the story behind this incredible illustration my friend, Slamet has made. It was an unfortunate occasion, but somehow my friend thought it could be a funny illustration. And he's right.
Thanks Met you captured my story perfectly, with a hint of exaggeration of course, but nicely done! :)

Here for more of Slamet's works


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