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Monday, November 29, 2010

Here Comes The (soon-to-be) Bride of All (soon-to-be) Brides

Once upon a time.. There was a girl who as common as you and me, until she had met a fairy godmother who gave her a blue satin silk dress for her to wear at the Royal Ball. There she met a Prince who's charm had captured all the princesses around the world, but none of them could steal this Royal Prince's heart. The King, you see, had lost his hope, for he would like his son to have met a princess, so then the Prince may take his crown, for the King is old, but the Prince had not yet set an eye for there was many beautiful princesses his father had chosen for him. But when the golden clock set to twelve and the Royal Ball was almost over, the Charming Prince looked outside the ballroom and there she was, standing beside the Royal fountain, a common girl in a blue dress, with her eyes glistering in the dim night. The Prince had never looked upon such beauty, and from that time on he knew his heart had found home.
And they lived happily ever after...

I wish the story was true, but no.. that's just me being dreamy. The real fact is they met in the university, and fell in love. But never mind how they've met, I think Kate Middleton is perfect for a princess and as equally gorgeous as her boy-prince. And when I see Kate, somehow I found some resemblances with Lady Diana. She's a little shy, loves a good laugh, and the same smart-grace a princess must have, but still humble. Lets just hope they do live happily ever after.


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