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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Movie Night; Prince of Persia

I just watched Prince of Persia- again. I love all the legends, myth and before-time- magical feelings. Really want to go to Morroco, Fez.. the Mid East. I have to give all my thumbs for the costume designer, Penny Rose, who I think did a marvelous job creating such complex and yet beautiful costumes. Their research was very thorough that made us jumped back in year 500. For me, my best movie in 1010 so far.


met said...

Penny Rose yang design bajunya Capt. Jack. emang hebat si tante itu. btw udah ntn Guardian of Ga'hoole belom? percayalah, Prince of Persia bisa langsung tergusur dari puncak list lo, heheh...

AnaLand said...

ooo-ho-ho, really?? belom ntn sih met...hmm, segitu kerennya ya.. okay, we'll see..we'll see..

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