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Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's Been A Looooong Time...'s been too long since my last post I think, a month!. The reason is because of Ramadhan. For a whole month I (almost) didn't go online at all, well except for a few facebook and youtube. Not just Ramadhan that kept me away from my computer, but also because of my sister and her family's visit! I barely hadn't got time for myself, let alone blogging... Days went on so quickly when you're having fun, rite? I miss them so, or like Ceska's saying: I lost you.. means: I miss you.

A PeanutButterJelly Jolly Time!



Victoria said...

nice to see you and family looked so cheerful, na..
bet u had a wonderful Ramadhan.. btw happy belated Idul Fitri..
minal aidin wal faidzin..
all the best for you and family, dear..
kapan2 ktemuan yuk. i'm in jakarta now :))

AnaLand said...

Minal aidin juga Vic...
Yes it was the time of my life! hehee...
Yuukk dooong tweet aja kalo lagi di daerah bintaro, im always at home (most of the time) ;)

Victoria said...

hihi belum perna ke daera bintaro sejak kau pindah sana say..
okaii will do then :)))
take care dear.. *hugg*

Difva said...

ana keponakan lo lucu banget siiiiiiihhh...ngegemesin...:D

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