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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Some Treasures are Meant to be Found

I Love Vintage Stuff.
I have not had the time for blogging lately. Like i said, I've been pretty occupied with packing and moving stuff.. I have to move out by the end of this month, and still haven't got a place to rent! Yes, I'm almost homeless. But despite all that, the thing I love the most is finding old vintage items. Since none of them are mine (otherwise they won't be vintage by now do they?), somehow this packing process has given me the chance to know my grandparents and my mother more. Here are some of them..
How I love this 'Garuda Indonesia' Suitcase! It was my grandfather's, he was an ambassador.
My grandmother, on the other hand, loved Roses.
And apparently, my mom's a retro chic. ;)


Victoria said...

wow. cool stuff you got there, girl..
mau donk suitcase nya.. hihi.. very2 vintage and original..
btw where r u? why r u moving out??
gw jg lg mo pindahan rmh ni.. rumah yg ingin kau datangi sejak 2002 tp belum sempat sampai skrg ini.. hehe..

AnaLand said...

Iya yaa gw belom2 juga mau pindah ke bintaro vic, rumah gw yg ini dijual :(
Lo amu pindah ke mana? masih bandung juga ata jakarta?

Victoria said...

wuaaa.. ga jauh donk.. gw pindah BSD!! di Foresta tepatnya, tp rmhnya br jadi thn depan jd setaun ini ngontrak dl..
sama gw jg sayang bgt sama rmh gw (yg sampe skrg br cuma Sally, Fer dan Gail yg nyamper) tapi gmn lagi.. need a new life, new spirit, new neighborhood..hehe..
tar kl uda deketan main2 yaa.. btw lo pake bb gaa??

AnaLand said...

Asiiik tinggal sekali tol aja Vic..! :) hehe, nope.. I dont wear bb, sorry..Sayang bgt sm hp gw yang dari 4 tahun yang lalu hahaha..

Victoria said...

okayy then i'll pay you a visit once i move in okay.. probably gonna be next year on feb.. take care anna.. cya sooon!!

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