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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Around the House; Garden

As I said before, I have a garden. Its full of fascinating flowers and animals.. Some flowers I bought, some are wild flowers. This time I will give you a little tour around my house; Tour De Analand Garden. You may meet with a family of wild mushrooms; The Jamurians, then say hello to a bunch of yellow flowers; The Leedyellys, a tiny cute pink wild flower; Ceskekong, a family of white rounded flowers; The White-Ows, further back of the garden wild red vine flowers called; RedPapas, and last (this time I know its real name! better one then none rite?) is Jasmine. There you have it Tour De Analand Garden, hope you enjoyed it and good day!
This one's pretty much posing to me, while singing Opera.


met said...

whoaa... hasil jepretan kamera baru nih ya. bagus juga ya. enak ya punya mini botanical garden, bosen tinggal jepret2. hehe...

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