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Sunday, January 24, 2010

No Need for Willy Wonka When I Have Mr. Brenner..

I had my period today. Like any common first-day period girl would be, I crave for chocolate. But not just any chocolate, I want Max Brenner's .

Here's how to enjoy chocolate, Max Brenner's way;
You got your milk and chocolate, pour your milk into the tea-light-candle mug,
add your chocolate, stir them with silver spoon/straw.
And there you have it! The chocolate experience.

Simply the best chocolate ever.
But I have to fly 5.400 km just to have another cup. Oooh i wish..


met said...

ini di land of oz? lucu juga dia pake choco button gitu. tapi itu cup kayanya pendek ya? lobang apinya aja tinggi bgt. bikin sendiri aja, gampang bgt ini mah.

AnaLand said...

Pake coklat silver queen? hahaha...coklatnya juga beda met, yumyumyum!

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