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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Around the House; Pets

I have a garden. And sometimes I found rare or unique things, such as wild flowers, uninvited animals, insects.. I tried to take photographs of them, but I tend to scare them away with my camera, I think. Here are some 'pets', I may call them, that I successfully captured. I honestly love the idea of how wild and beautiful things come together with our lives. They're musafir, as long as we stay humble with each other, they can stay as long as they like..

Spyla the Spider

spyla back
Spyla from the back. Beautiful

Lady Anty-O

R.I.P Pentini

Goldie and Ipeh, afternoon nap.

I also have 3 kittens, a mommy cat and sometimes their aunt like to visit once in a while. The sad thing is Ipeh had died a few weeks ago, from fever. He was a loud cat, very clean and sturdy, very handsome. May he rest in peace, along with Pentini.


Jenea said...

hahahah! Your garden is very interesting, I am feeling here like on Animal Planet!!! ;)

met said...

hohoho... kok ada yang namanya ipeh. kampung sendiri. yang laen kayanya namanya udah keren2 tuh

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