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Monday, November 30, 2009

This Final Month

The End is near. End of 2009 that is.. Not the 2012 sort of thing, which by the way was a complete waste of time watching it (not even worth for DVD bajakan). And I have to say it went fast, this year. Like a blink of an eye, not so much.. make it 4 blinks. I had many new and exciting experiences throughout this year, but my highlight of the year had to be my trip to Sydney of course ;)
Then I realized, all things I wanted so badly, when I did get them suddenly they swift by smoothly and ever so fast. And now, there they are, sleeping peacefully in my memory. All things must pass says Sir George Harrison, all things must pass away..
Maybe it's the weather, or it's December I feel quite sentimental (hey! a rhyme!). There are one or two things I'd like to redo about this year, but overall this year has had done a great deal of lessons for me, with that I say thank you and curtsy.
That's it for now (mind seriousness of this post will you? As I said, blame the weather)

*Make PEACE with each other, with animal, with environment* My 2010 new year's resolution, how bout it?


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