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Monday, September 07, 2009

Book I Read #September09

I had spent quite some time lately in bookstores, just to find the right book. After going back and forth for several times--one bookstore to another, finally one book hit me *smack!. At that moment I knew this is the type of book I wanted to read, or needed to read maybe. About a mother who dies, and left her daughters letters. Yes, a little sad and heartfelt I suppose, well I just want to sort of 'compare' with my own lost- of- a- mother-story. Perhaps maybe, I can find a bit of soothing words or encouraging thoughts, or just simply --there are many daughters out there who had gone through the same thing as I am (even harder!). Well then, I'm going to start reading it rite now..I'll tell you how it goes! Happy reading everyone..! :)


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