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Monday, August 24, 2009

Arty Knightley


Some bake breads, some make dresses, some eat papayas, some sleeps on the bus, some walks fast, some loud, some wear yellow hats, some fidgets. He may not one of those (maybe he eats papaya and sleeps on a bus), but he did make some fine-top-notch- Keira Knightley. My very own close friend, Slamet M. Click for more of his works!


met said...

gue suka tidur di bus, gue jalan dengan cepat tapi gue ga suka pepaya (bau kaya makanan burung beo), hehehe... makasih sekali bisa nyempil di blog u na :)

AnaLand said...

Hahaha, burung beo.. sama2 met! :)

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