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Friday, July 31, 2009

Scrumdidilyumptious Movie!

When I was just a little kid, was the first time I think, I literally fell for a movie ( I was more into cartoon back then). Waktu masuk ke taman permen itu, dan adegan Charlie sama Grandpa Joe floating in the air, with bubbles.. After that, terus sampai kuliah I never watched or think about the movie. Until one sunny day, I went to Aksara and just casualy looked through CDs.. And I stopped, there it was: Willy Wonka's Soundtrack! Without hesitated, I quickly grabed it. I dont have that many CDs, but when I do they usually stick and boy this one's stick pretty tight! I truly love the soundtrack! It has a dreamy sort of feeling, and sweet.
Selang beberapa tahun setelah dapet soundtracknya, I went DownUnder and got the DVD there (get it?Down under?rite).


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