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Thursday, July 23, 2009

THE Best TV Ever. Period.

Okay, I had to put Gilmore Girls here for my own sake. See, if you don't know me, I am a huge- over - the- top- A Gilmore fan. No, seriusly, like, nauseatingly really very much into it. Dulu pertama kali tau ada seri ini, it was one lazy afternoon I guess, I was just flicking through channels and somehow i stopped at channel Trans TV. I immediately fell for this fast talking- mother daughter TV series. I even taped them every Thursday(if I remember correctly), on my VHS tape. Yep, even though I now have the DVDs (bajakan siih..belom mampu beli Original *sigh) I still have the tapes that labeled Gilmore. Ha-ha!I LOVE Rory (I used to think Im quite like her, except for her grades probably..), I think she's so lovely and very beautiful, and also I like that she's a bit shy, not a Diva or anything like it. She's real, which I love. The mother, Lorelai, I love her because she's not perfect, she's not this perfect ideal mother who cooks, cleans, wear pearls and ground their kids--no, she's nothing like that, she's more like a friend than a mother and that makes her realationship with Rory works.
I dreamed of living in Stars Hollow! So tiny, quiet, clean, and everyone knows each other, and the fact that they've always had something to celebrate! Whether it's Thanksgiving, Easter, Bithdays, Dance Marathon, Annual Reenactment of a Revolutionary War Battle, etc.
Soo much fun.
I can go on and on forever...
That's it for today, I will post some of my Gilmore favorites here, no worries.. :)
Until then, cheers. Or, Oy! With the poodles already! hehe..


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