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Monday, June 01, 2009

When In Sydney

Jalan jalan di Sydney sambil denger 'Where The Colors Dont Go' by Sam Phillips. Liat Kendra dan Ceska lari2, awan biru, say 'morning' to the friendly strangers, breezy wind.. Perfect.
line up

too bad I didn't bring my book with me..

Taronga Zoo

On our way to the Zoo, with Kendramim

Marshmallow Babies

Lagi nyanyi; The hills are alive.. with the sound of music..

Sydney Fish Market

Look at the clouds! it's like in the movies..! hehe..

waiting for my train to show

Smile, cuddly Ceska!

Jauh jauh tetep Burger King.

Me and the Ocean

Go there again? Definitely.


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